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“You cannot tell a hungry child that you gave him food yesterday.”  

-Zimbabwean Proverb

***We try everything in our power to avoid handouts and to empower people with long-term solutions for sustainability.  However, sometimes people need immediate help.  In urgent situations, we provide emergency assistance in regards to food, water, shelter, clothing, etc.

​We've assisted multiple beneficiaries by providing labor, roof repairs, food, mosquito nets, shoes, transportation, etc.  We've built homes for families identified as especially vulnerable by the local government.  We've ​provided over $7000 worth of emergency food during a drought in Soroti in 2016/2017.  We built a borehole to supply clean water to Amoroto Village.  (Click the video to see what it's like to be pumped to be pumping water at your new borehole!)

Read more about the individuals we've helped by visiting our STORIES page.

What we do

We dream of developing some long-term alternatives to subsistence agriculture since much of Uganda is prone to drought.  We would also love to create a feeding program for the most elderly and vulnerable widows in various communities.

What we dream

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