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First and foremost, Thrive Global values integrity with money.  It's a big deal to entrust us with your money, and we want to use it well.  ​

Thrive Global, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, so all donations are tax-deductible

Thrive Global strives to be transparent with where donations are going.  Scroll down if you want the full details.


please click here:


please make your check out to "Thrive Global" and mail to the address below:

City Gate OC

Attn: Thrive Global

P.O. Box 27993

Santa Ana, CA 92799

Teacher anchor

If you would like to earmark your donation, please indicate any of the following on your check's memo or choose a fund when you donate online:*

-General Fund (May be used toward any needs, including either running costs or local projects)

-Designated Fund (Will be used for local projects)**

-Teacher Sponsorship Program (Will be used for Mercy Seat School)



GENERAL FUND:  Unless otherwise noted, donations will automatically go into our General Fund.  Much of these donations will be moved to our Designated Fund (see below) to directly support local projects in Uganda.  After all, that is why we exist!  However, some of these general donations will also be used to cover administrative costs like website subscription fees, bookkeeping software, etc.  Though administrative expenses aren't as glamorous as on-the-ground expenses in Uganda, they are absolutely vital in order to keep our organization running.  

DESIGNATED FUND:** Any donations specifically earmarked as a "Designated Fund" will only be used for local projects in Uganda (and whatever fees the Ugandan government takes when funds are wired to Africa).  Designated funds directly help families & individuals in need, pay indigenous staff, fund local projects in Uganda, etc. 

*You may indicate to which sector you prefer to designate funds, but ultimately Thrive Global, Inc. maintains the authority to use contributions given to us at our discretion for activities consistent with our charitable and tax-exempt purposes.  If we receive a payment for a sector/project that does not exist, we regretfully will not be able to fulfill the donor's request.

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