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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

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Shifting from surviving to thriving is more than having food, clothes, a job, or a home.  You know someone is truly thriving when he or she feels the freedom to dream.  

Too many organizations provide handouts that communicate, "You are helpless."  We want the individuals with whom we interact to feel EMPOWERED.  We want to communicate, "You can do this!"

A big part of our heart is to help individuals dare to dream.  We start by tackling basic needs and building a foundation of sustainability.  From there, we want people to launch into dreaming for more than just the basics - more than just survival.  As we help individuals start to dream, we hope that eventually communities will also begin to dream, then entire regions, then nations...

Even though we started in one small village, we call ourselves Thrive Global, because we dream big.  We want our work, our vision, our friendships, and our love to spread further.  We have been empowered to dream, and we long to see that same fire sparked in our friends in Uganda. 

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