“"None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful."

– Mother Teresa

Caitlin Guess is the founder and Executive Director of Thrive Global. She met her dear friend, Connie Han, while attending a school for cross-cultural ministry in Mozambique in 2010.  After serving together in Mozambique, Haiti, and Uganda, Connie began encouraging Caitlin to start a nonprofit to partner with their Ugandan friends and family.  The goal was to empower vulnerable communities to dream, thrive, and carry hope. After years of hard work both in Africa and stateside, Thrive Global became a reality.  Caitlin currently resides in Orange County, CA where she works for both her local church and Thrive Global.

Caitlin Guess

Connie Han resides in the Bay Area, where she works as a neonatal nurse.  She has traveled around the world with Caitlin, proving herself as both a trusty sidekick and international baby-whisperer.  Without her encouragement to start Thrive Global, we would not exist.  Both Connie and Caitlin travel to Uganda regularly to work with the local community.

Connie Han

Robert and Janepher Okwakol serve as local leaders in multiple capacities within Amoroto Village.  Caitlin met the Okwakols in 2006 while living in Kampala.  Years later, Robert and Janepher moved back to Robert's home district and founded an NGO called Mercy Seat in order to help their community.  In 2014, Caitlin began working alongside them in Soroti, Uganda; and by 2015, Connie joined forces as well.  

Robert Okwakol

After years of partnership, Thrive Global was launched to be able to provide support for local visionaries like the Okwakols.  Robert, Janepher, and their nine children currently live in Amoroto Village  (Soroti District, Uganda) and are constantly dreaming of ways to better serve their community.

Janepher Okwakol

Amy Strohm, Kathy Johnson, and Christe Hansen serve as Thrive Global's Board of Directors in Southern California.  With backgrounds in marketing & web design, education, and finance, they bring a beautiful balance to Thrive.  All three women have experience volunteering in Africa, and this fantastic trio embrace the vision of seeing Ugandans fully thrive.

Amy Strohm, Christe Hansen, Kathy Johnson

International Partners and Volunteers
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